University Of Juba

      Established in 1975, the University of Juba was inaugurated in 1977 with five colleges. Its creation was celebrated throughout Southern Sudan, a region which until then did not have a single higher education institution. But in 1989, following the resumption of civil war since 1983, the University of Juba was displaced to Khartoum, where it spent 22 years in exile. It’s only when South Sudan became an independent country in 2011 that the university was fully repatriated to Juba. Nowadays comprising 12 Colleges, 5 schools and a student population of about 10,000, it is the main university in South Sudan. Students, teaching staffs and the University of Juba as a whole face a number of challenges due to the civil war and the economic crisis.


      An article by Florence Miettaux about how the University of Juba copes with the crisis was published on Le Monde Afrique. You can read it here.

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