Hai Neem

      The first high-rise building in Juba stands in Hai Neem. The Equatoria Tower, a 12-storey, 45m-high structure, started to be erected in 2012 and was supposed to be opened in 2013. But due to the crisis in South Sudan, it took until 2017 before it could start functioning. It hosts offices for NGOs and companies.


      A few steps away from the tower, old brick houses come from distant times, when the Sudan was an Anglo-Egyptian colony. They were probably built during the 1940s, and housed civil servants of the colonial administration. They’re nowadays inhabited by South Sudanese civil servants.


      One block inside the neighbourhood, the Youth Training Centre was built in 1974, after the Addis Ababa Agreement and the establishment of the Regional Government of Southern Sudan. Similar Youth Training Centres were built in Wau and Malakal as part of the agreement, as well as other public institutions buildings in Juba, including the ministries complex, the National Parliament and Nyakuron Cultural Centre. The Youth Training Centre is a unique place in the capital, with free access to sports and cultural activities for children and youth.

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