South Sudan National Archives: Safeguarding Our History

Short film | The first public exhibition of South Sudan's historical records.

In November 2017, the first public exhibition of the South Sudan National Archives in the streets of Juba, at the National Parliament and in schools triggered passionate discussions about the country’s history.


The Archives were established at the beginning of the 20th century by the Anglo-Egyptian colonial authorities, and are currently preserved by South Sudan’s Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. The collection is mainly composed of administrative documents and communications. It forms an extraordinary documentary resource on South Sudan, its past, its peoples, its identity. But the archives are still little known by the public, the students and even the country’s legislators.


You can also read here an article by Loes Lijnders on the history of the South Sudan National Archives.

And here, an article by Florence Miettaux published on Le Monde Afrique.

To learn more about the South Sudan National Archives and the Tarikh Tana (Our History) exhibition, you can visit the Rift Valley Institute’s website here.


South Sudan National Archives: Safeguarding Our History
Duration: 6 min
Year: 2018
Director, Camera Operator and Editor: Florence Miettaux
Reporter and Translator: Silvano Yokwe Alison
Sound Engineer: Rami Arshesh
Produced in partnership with UNESCO and the Rift Valley Institute.

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